Who we are


Russia In Your Face is the extreme alternative media organization that shatters the filthy lies of the Western mainstream media (more like LAMEstream media)! Every day, dozens of different media companies from dozens of countries wage a never-ending INFORMATION WAR against Russia, spreading lies by producing claims that aren’t supported by the Russian government. We set the record straight by bringing you objective, factual information, straight from Russia’s state owned media organizations.

We support a multipolar world, but Russia totally has to be one of those poles, and we are opposed to things like imperialism, war, militarism, and interference in the affairs of sovereign states. That is unless Russia is forced to engage in any of those activities in order to defend itself from the ever tightening grip of NATO. Or just for the hell of it. Honestly, we don’t judge.

Our staff consists of people from all walks of life. Expats living in Russia because they couldn’t stand to remain in the degenerate, decaying West with its gay parades, tax codes, restraining orders, and paternity suits. Russian geopolitical experts who hold high positions in Russian universities and are totally independent with full academic freedom. Western bloggers who fight the information war from behind enemy lines while on their futons, surrounded by boxes of take-out. Click here to meet the RIYF team!

However we got here, at Russia in Your Face!!! everyone lives by our motto: Question Reality!



  1. I’m so sick of the Western media and its lies. Finally! A news outlet that will tell it like it really is! Tell us the truth that our corporate run papers don’t want us to know! There is no truth, only narratives, right? But your narrative is definitely the truth! I have nothing against gays but they do need forced treatment, for their own good of course.


  2. You guys are trying way too hard. I wonder which State Department puke or Open Society Sorosnik signed off on the grant that funds this. And without countless websites like this one, what would so many young Eastern European hipsters and Americans who can’t get jobs in the wonderful booming economy here stateside do? Work for a living? Why do that when you can simply ignore Americans commenting with American IP addresses who want their government to mind its own business for just once or better yet, insult them as Kremlin trolls because they don’t want to fund UkraineToday, Hromadske and StopFake (unless they’re fakes produced by SBU, that is)?


  3. Will do RussiainYourFace. At least if I’m gonna get called a Kremlin Troll by someone paid with my tax money, it should be a Russian Jewish hipster in Brooklyn and not a Bandera bot in Kiev or a Latvian SS legion march fanboy in Riga.

    Make America Great Again.


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