A Ukrainian tried to run a library in Moscow. What happened next will make you cry (with tears of joy)!

Sometimes life is hard and you begin to lose your faith in humanity. But just when you feel like you’ve seen the worst of mankind, something wonderful happens and restores your faith in the wisdom of the authorities.

That wonderful something happened this October. A Moscow neighborhood was plagued by a Ukrainian literature library which no one seemed able to get rid of. Local residents appealed to a municipal deputy, Dmitry Zakharov, pleading with him to do something about “certain activities” that were taking place at the library.

Then, just when everyone began to resign themselves to the reality of a Maidan coup breaking out in Moscow, overthrowing the government and making Nazism the only legal political ideology and instituting mandatory participation in weekly gay parades, the deputy acted.

He got in touch with law enforcement and the library was raided by law enforcement before any Right Sector neo-Nazis could organize in the library and turn it into a staging area against law enforcement. Numerous examples of “extremist literature” were found, including some that incited hatred against other nationalities. Pretty typical behavior for dirty, Hitler-loving Benderite Ukrainians, right?

The ringleader of the sinister Maidan base, Natalya Sharina, was quickly taken into police custody. Now that she’s no longer on the streets, Moscow residents and indeed all Russians can rejoice in the knowledge that their authorities will continue to keep them safe from Maidans, color revolutions, gay parades, performance artists, bloggers, poets, songs, video games, and other dire existential threats to Russia.

Peace of mind. Caring. Action. It really brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?


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