Russian scientists find link between Monsanto, GMO’s, and ISIS


MOSCOW- Russian scientists recently teamed up with geopolitical experts to discover exactly how America caused the rise of ISIS and the chaos that plagues the Middle East today, and what they found is sure to make waves.

Speaking about the results at the press conference was Russian State Agricultural Academy scientist Dr. Igor Pavlov.

“It has been known for some time that the American CIA created ISIS,” Pavlov said, beginning his announcement. “But what we did not know up till now is how they managed to create such a violent, aggressive movement, and how they sustain that aggression. Now we have finally answered that question.

According to the study, the CIA utilized corporate poison giant Monsanto to flood the region with genetically modified fruits, vegetables, livestock, and condiments. The sale of GMO products is used to help fund ISIS, but the study says that the main effect of the produce is on the ISIS members themselves.

“Monsanto’s genetic engineers create so-called Frankenfoods by injecting certain genes into otherwise healthy, natural agricultural products,” the report reads. “In order to get the desired effect, i.e. heightened aggression and violence, the genetically modified products grown and sold in ISIS controlled areas are injected with genes from bears, honey badgers, tigers, lions, great white sharks, and other notoriously aggressive animals.”

Pavlov was unable to provide any direct information about the CIA/Monsanto operation in Iraq and Syria, but luckily that gap was filled by Moscow geopolitical expert Konstantin Dukhov.

“Of all the air strikes the US and its meddling coalition members have supposedly launched against ISIS, none of them have ever come close to hitting a Monsanto facility in the region, nor have they hit any Monsanto greenhouses,” he explained. “Also, ISIS has yet to attack any Monsanto facility. Obviously this cannot be simply a coincidence.”

The Russian government has been discussing a total ban on GMO products since 2014, after “the Ukraine’s” Maidan coup provided conclusive proof that the genetically modified products could be used to spread the delusion that “the Ukraine” is actually a real country, when in fact is it not.


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