RIYF’s first corporate Christmas Party to be held in Moscow!

Dear readers, all 14.6 billion of you! I’m RIYF resident ashamed-to-be-American expat and truthseeker Dick Hoover here to welcome any Moscow-based fans to our first annual Christmas party!

The whole gang will be here, including our founder Chad Michael Noble III, Sean Fitzgerald, and my good buddy EFL teacher Mark Prat. I even managed to convince Mike Przezwalski to come so long as I inform the readership that as a convert to Russian Orthodoxy, Mike does not recognize the Western, Latin Christmas of 25 December, and his attendance is strictly in the interests of supporting the RIYF team.

We’ll be gathering at Kafe-Bar Kruzo in luxurious southern Moscow. Chad pulled out all the stops this year and bought 24 cases of Putinka brand vodka.

Anyone who doesn’t work for the US State Department or CIA is welcome to come, especially any svelte Slavic blonde bombshells who want to meet a true old-fashioned gentleman who believes that chivalry isn’t dead!┬áPlay your cards right and Santa just might buy you a couple (or a dozen) cocktails.

The fun starts at 10:30 PM on Friday, 25 December, i.e. CHRISTMAS! Hope to see you there, and from the whole crew at RIYF, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Where: Kafe-Bar Kruzo, Ratnaya ulitsa D. 8A

When: 25th December, 10:30 PM

Face control will be informed to be on the lookout for CIA agents and State Department employees.



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