NATO on high alert: extreme new long-range weapon developed in Saransk, Russia

SARANSK – Local media reports that a technological breakthrough could be geopolitical game-changer.

A report in the Saransk NKVDshnik has confirmed that Anatoly Babuinov, a local resident, has invented hatchet-nunchucks, a weapon whose design is set to revolutionize Russian defense, according to its inventor and his mom.


Local forums are, meanwhile, abuzz with debate on whether or not Babuinov’s breakthrough can truly be considered a “long-range weapon” as described in the report.

“The thing about it – you can throw it really far,” Babuinov told Russia In Your Face!!! in an exclusive comment. “If you have a good throwing arm – who knows where it will end up?”

Babuinov says he has already warned NATO of his invention.

“I like to play fair – I don’t want to just spring this on them unannounced,” Babuinov pointed out. “I tweeted at them about it and this one NATO spokesperson retweeted the information with all of these tearful smiley faces – so you can tell they’re glad to be warned, if not entirely happy with this development.”

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