Russian Economy Doomed? Think again!

MOSCOW- These days the Western mainstream media can’t stop talking about Russia’s “economic crisis.” Indeed, Obama’s ceaseless meddling in Russia’s affairs has caused massive capital flight and contraction of GDP. What they’re not telling you, however, is that certain sectors of the Russian economy are booming.

In fact, a recent innovation has led to a new, disruptive industry that is sure to see investors flocking back into Russia, assuming the worthless traitors are allowed back in.

One of Russia’s fastest growing industries is the car window decal business, thanks to their latest product, “Obama Chmo.” The innovative window decals are believed to have been developed in 2014 in response to totally uncalled for sanctions against Russia levied by the US and its European puppets. The word “chmo” is a Russian insult meaning “worthless, despicable, morally depraved person.”

Russian patriot gives the finger to Obama.

Gennady Karpustov is the owner of a small auto parts business that also specializes in selling the Obama Chmo brand. As it turns out, business is good.

“These window decals are practically flying out the door. People can’t get enough of them,” Karpustov told RIYF.

“Lots of guys were really mad after the US slapped those sanctions on us just because we took back what was ours and…uh…didn’t invade Ukraine, which doesn’t exist as a country anyway. Obviously Obama was the puppetmaster behind those sanctions. And thanks to them, dozens of Russian businessmen lost millions of dollars in property and bank accounts abroad. This is a slap in the face to the entire nation,” the decal entrepreneur explained.

The Obama decals aren’t the only hot product out this year. Karpustov had a whole range of products to show us, including one which depicted two human-shaped figures in the act of anal sex. The receiving party’s head is a swastika representing Nazi Germany, while the other party has a Soviet hammer and sickle. Next to this is the Russian saying: “Thank you, Grandpa, for the victory.”

“This seasonal item is almost as popular as the Obama ones,” Karpustov noted. “As you are no doubt totally unaware since you’re a Westerner, I should tell you that our country suffered massive losses to save the world from fascism in 1945. These stickers commemorate that great sacrifice and serve as a moving memorial for our surviving veterans.”

When asked as to whether the implied anal rape depicted by the decal might be disrespectful, Karpustov looked confused and repeated: “But we won WWII!”

Stickers dealing with WWII and the defeat of fascism in 1945 experience massive sales spikes in the lead up to Victory Day, which is celebrated on 9 May. Being seasonal merchandise, however, they have thus far failed to catch up to the year-round Obama-themed decals.

We spoke to “Dimon” a car owner in Saratov whose Lada sports both the WWII themed stickers, as well as a combination decal that says that Obama is a “fascist chmo.”

“It was insulting,” Dimon begins, speaking about the sanctions leveled at certain top-tier Russian government officials and their close associates.

“I’d be furious if I had villas in Tuscany and then lost them because of some travel ban. Obama truly is a fascist, and we’ll defeat him just like our grandfathers defeated the fascists in 1945.”

When asked if he was looking forward to getting any new decals for his windows, Dimon told us he had his eye on a new one that reads: “Obama is a monkey.”

“That would really show that fascist,” Dimon said.

“I just need to save up a couple more months’ salary so I can afford it.”


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