89 percent of Russians say Putin right to not halt genocide in E. Ukraine — Poll

The vast majority of Russians say Putin made the right decision to not intervene in any way shape or form when the fascist junta in Kiev launched a campaign of genocide against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, the latest poll from state-run  VTsIOM has shown.

A full 89 percent of respondents said Russian President Vladimir Putin was right not to intervene directly in Ukraine or provide lethal military aid when the coup-imposed government in Ukraine launched an unprecedented campaign of ethnic cleansing in Donbass in March of last year.

Six percent said Putin should have set up a no-fly zone to protect fleeing refugees, while the remaining five percent said ‘Ty cho dura blya?!’ (Are you fucking stupid?!) would have been the most appropriate response.

Support for Putin’s course of inaction has increased by 4 percent since an earlier poll was conducted by VTsIOM in July.

Unleashing a torrent of ballistic missiles across Novorossiya on April 15, 2014, thousands of Ukrainian child soldiers indoctrinated by the neo-nazi Azov Battalion unleashed a wave of indiscriminate slaughter on the civilian population of Donetsk.


Following a campaign of full-fledged genocide at the hands of the successor state to the Third Reich, Russians agreed that Putin was right to do nothing to stop the carnage.

“Like most Russians, when I sat back and watched day in and day out the complete and total extermination of my Russian brothers in Novorossiya  —children being crucified as their mothers were forced to watch — I was horrified,” Gleb Topolovsky, from the Institute for Sovereign Democracy and Cooperation, told RIYF.

“Seeing so many Russians be indiscriminately slaughtered at the hands of the fascist junta in Kiev, my only hope was that Putin would be strong enough to stand up to the West by doing absolutely nothing to intervene. And I mean nothing, not even a few crates of ammo here and there. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Thank God, he did just that,” Topolovsky said.

When asked in turn why Putin had decided to intervene militarily in Syria, but not Eastern Ukraine, Topolovsky replied ‘Ty cho dura blya?!’ before abruptly ending the interview.

A cease fire brokered in September has seen the CIA-backed bloodletting abate, though sporadic incidents of Nazi-occultist child sacrifices and insistence from Kiev that THE Ukraine actually exists have sparked fears that a renewed campaign of genocide may be on the horizon. In that event it is expected that Putin will continue his policy of doing absolutely nothing to intervene and insisting that the conflict is a civil war.

Alexander Lukashevich, Russia’s permanent envoy to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, said Kiev is still resisting implementing The Minsk agreements —a set of measures developed by Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany to facilitate nationwide reconciliation.

Lukashevich believes it’s likely because without “the blood of Russian children” on their hands, Ukrainians will be forced to face up to their own non-existence as a nation.

But even if the worst comes to pass, Lukashevich added, Moscow will under no circumstances, “waver from its course of complete and total non-intervention.”

The VTsIOM poll was carried out on November 24-25  among 1,600 respondents in 46 Russian regions. The margin of error was no greater than 135 percent.

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