Shocking! Meteor wiped out Novorossiyan civilization; introduced hostile alien life


Starobilsk — Amazing scientific theory has discovered that ancient Novorossiyan civilization was whipped out by same meteor which destroyed dinosaurs. What’s more, cataclysmic impact introduced alien bacteria which evolved into modern day Euro-Atlanticist-Zionist civilization, which has continued to enslave native inhabitants of НАШ! (OUR!) Great and noble planet to this day.

According to already proven-true theory, a highly advanced civilization existed as early as Cretaceous period, some tens of millions of years ago. But when 9.7 kilometers wide meteor crashed into Mehicos Yucatan half-island, all of sun was blocked out, forcing robust Novorossiyan to live on light of Russian soul until light of sun’s return, at which point all of most advanced of Novorossiyan civilization is whipped out.

What’s more, an alien bacteria hopped a ride on meteor, arriving on our earth and introducing entirely not-Novorossyian form of life. This is process is called panspermia, which sounds like evil sex game Danes play with their children after eating giraffe meat, but actually just means cosmic sperm shower.

This new bacteria acted something like parasite, inhibiting the body of British Dickcissel —a now extinct bird. This bird in turn, migrated to what is now modern day Israel, where it raped an Asia minor dwarf racer. This children of this unholy act are the early ancestors of homo angozioatatlanticist —which had up until now been mistaken for being same species as (no!)homo sapien (henceforth hetero-Novorossiyan.)

The report, first publicated in Novorossiya Today daily, could have wide ranging implications for all of human race. We here at RIYF have long called upon Euro-Atlanticist-Zionist occupiers to stop messing in the internal affairs of planet Earth, an opinion shared by leading scientists and human Vladimir Korovnik.

“Now that it has been proven Earth is the ancestral homeland of the Novorossiyan, it would only follow that other non-Novorossiyan forms of life be forced to adapt to the customs of their host planet, if not be expelled altogether. Perhaps a visa system could be set up for them, so that we could revoke their right to stay here if they fail to abide by the laws and customs of what is, essentially, Novorossiyan land,” Korovnik, Director of the Center of Geopolitical Eurasianist Expert Examinations and Scientific Advisor to NovoRosssiya, told RIYF.

There are unconfirmed reports that Russia’s Permanent representative of UN Vitaly Churkin intends to introduce revised UN Charter to Human Rights that will actually apply to humans, rather than exist merely as a smokescreen to give feminist and their lesbian bird children full reign over our planet.

The draft could be submitted as early as next week.

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