RIYF becomes first news site to hit 14.6 billion unique visitors

It’s official: RIYF is the first online news portal to attract 14.6 billion unique visitors, beating its long-established Western, Lamestream media rivals to the mark.

RIYF is the first dedicated news network to join the Internet’s elite “14.6 billion club,” which is very much like the mile-high club, except you don’t get restrained in your seat with a discarded wet wipe dangling from your heel afterwards.

With the latest landmark, RIYF has proven that the Internet has a place for hard-hitting news about Russia not distorted by typical CNN lies or misleading headlines claiming she took it all [she most certainly did not —ed.]

“The internet is no longer just about stalking your ex-wife on Facebook or browsing porn on Tumblr while at work,” says RIYF founder Chad Michael Noble III, adding that he had “heard” those were “some things that some people apparently do on the internet.”

“RIYF has proven that there is serious demand for hard-hitting news that the lamestream media would rather ignore.”

What is more, RIYF’s new Youtube channel has already achieved 3.5 billion views, 1.5 billion more than Russia Today’s Youtube channel.

Launched on June 22, 1941, RIYF has tirelessly battled fascist-nazi aggression, MSM propaganda and Gayropians in mink hammer pants for nearly five quarters of a century.

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