Edgy-Op: We are serious. DEAD serious!

By Dick Hoover

It has come to the attention of myself and some other staff at Russia in Your Face!!! that some people (Western LAMEstream media I’m looking your way!) have labeled our journalistic publication a “parody” site. I think it goes without saying that this is yet another typical, Russophobic disinfo attack on the truth and real journalism.

First of all, let me point out that Russia in Your Face!!! is every bit as much a serious pro-Russian publication as RT, Sputnik News, or Russia Insider. If anything, we’re probably even more pro-Russian than those outlets, if only because we aren’t cowed by political correctness into concealing the truth. Now some might ask how we can represent the Russian POV and yet still claim to be more objective than the lying, anti-Russian Western mainstream media. That, my dear reader, is simple: The Russian POV is objectively true. Oh would you look at that? Looks like my train of thought got derailed. Let’s get back to the meat and potatoes, shall we?

Just to clarify my initial point, we’re not doing anything different than outlets like RT or Sputnik. If you ask me about Russia Insider I’m a little suspicious. They have a tendency to post such outlandish articles it sometimes makes me think they are a Western-funded parody site. But I won’t throw around accusations like candy corn at a Halloween party for three-year-olds.

How can you tell RIYF is a serious site? Well prick up your ears and pay attention. RIYF went online in early December of this year. In it’s first 24 hours it achieved 14.6 billion views. Its Youtube channel is now at 4 billion views with 2 billion subscribers.

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But that’s not all! RIYF has been cited by the Western mainstream media as well! One such publication was very interested in our groundbreaking investigative story on Russia’s latest alternative energy program.

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Not only that, but within roughly a week of existence, RIYF already made the prestigious Johnson’s Russia list. Obviously Johnson’s Russia List would never waste time linking to propaganda or “parody” sites. Only the most sincere, professional publications make the cut.

RIYF appearing between two major Western mainstream media outlets. Who’s a “parody” site again? If anyone is, it’s them!

So let’s just give the parody accusations a rest for a bit, shall we? RIYF is about serious journalism. We may not have a big budget and at the moment we rely on your donations. But is that so wrong? Is the American media automatically right just because its controlled by big corporations with all their corporate money?

At the end of the day, we’re just like that little kid who had the courage to stand up and say that the emperor is naked, and that emperor is the lying, Western, corporate mainstream media. And for that, for our dedication to real investigative journalism, we get labeled a “parody site?” I tell you if I were a lesser man I’d be crying in my borshch that my wife made me.

So to all the haters who call us clowns and think we’re a parody site, I have one thing to say to you. YOU are the real parody sites, because you parody the truth that we hunt down like bloodhounds after an escaped convict. You won’t stop us from bringing the truth! Your little barbs merely bounce off our thick hides like German 37mm shells off the sloped armor of a T-34. And eventually, this tank will roll over you and your lying, corporate media!

Dick Hoover is a former telecommunications sales specialist who now works at RIYF as a political analyst and old-school investigative journalist hunting down the truth that the corporate fat cats don’t want you to know. At the moment he’s working on his latest book, Corporate Chemtrails and Mainstream Media Morgellon’s Disease.

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