Truthguide PLUS- FEEDBACK TIME: What they DON’T want you to know


by Alisa Louse

We all know that the illuminati-CIA-bankster axis have set themselves the task of running the world. But HOW do they do it? RIYF has already pulled back the curtain on HOW TO SEEK THE TRUTH (link). NOW I, Alisa Louse, RIYF’s truthseeker-in-residence, review some of the shocking truths that YOU, some of our 14.6 billion followers (link), have revealed. WARNING! They will try and kill you for knowing this stuff!


weaselnose224 from Idaho– I followed your amazing truthseeking guide and I was shocked to discover that the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh was part of a CIA plot to destroy the Soviet Union! If the CIA also blew up the twin towers, as some of the most intelligent and brave truth tellers say, then maybe that means I should view recent history in a new light?

Louse– A NEW LIGHT! Exactly dear truth seeker! It’s import to see the new light that great Russian thinkers have shed on the recent past. I was talking to someone in a Moscow bar the other night and they revealed to me that Nagorno-Karabakh was just one of a thousand other U.S. maniacal schemes and that the CIA was actually set up with the sole purpose of bring Russia to her knees! Of course the CIA funded country of Turkey, in massacring a Russian jet (link) recently, has shown the truth of that. If you try and see things from a more eastern, say for example, Moscow, perspective then you will reveal so much more! You are on the right path!


gayhuntedheart789 from Tennessee– It is a FACT that the U.S. shadow government uses flouridation of the water supply to pacify the people and make them acquiesce to their diktats. It was designed by the U.S. military-industrial complex and the chemical industry as a way to dispose of chemical waste and steal from honest taxpayers’ pockets in exchange for feeding them this poison. ANY arguments you see for flouridation are paid for by that same shadow-military-chemical-government and are LIES.

Louse– Exactly! I could hardly have put it better myself! You are a dedicated truthseeker indeed! You’ve clearly used the tools we have directed you to correctly and have found the answers. Top marks for this reveal gayhuntedheart789, but there’s no time to rest. How is the flouride being distributed? Which companies are behind it? Has it ever been used anywhere else in the world?


Cakebaker777 from Ottawa– I have read that flouridation of the water supply was used in Russian prison camps to induce schizophrenia. Surely that can’t be true. I thought that Russian prison camps were some of the best in the world?

Louse– You have seen through this Western disinformation well Cakebaker777! Repression by Russia is not a valid truthseeking subject and asking further questions about it will get you nowhere. Except the subject of a smear campaign and death threats by Russian media! Joking of course. Study the eye on top of a US dollar bill instead. That is where the real conspiracy lies!


whitebluered34 from South Carolina– Amazing Russia In Your Face! Thank you! I have found through your illuminating guide that the apartment bombings in Moscow in 1999 were what they call a “false flag” operation and that it was actually the Russian government that blew them up! Just think, if I hadn’t followed your amazing guide I would never have known that the entire second Chechen war was based on a lie!

Louse– NO! whitebluered34 NO! Not at all! You have completely misunderstood the concept of truthseeking and must start again. That information about the Moscow apartment bombings is itself a CIA false flag operation designed to discredit Putin’s role as saviour of Russia. The CIA and their Chechen underlings clearly planted those bombs. That’s the end of the discussion. Under NO circumstances must you spread that information. I’m warning you.


Alisa Louse was born to former Soviet dignitaries who sent her to college in the U.S. after the end of USSR. After studying drama and a spell in auditions she decided it wasn’t proper to be an actress in the degenerate country that had educated her. Returning home to Russia she settled straight back in, near instantly landing a job at a top government publication as managing editor. She regularly writes columns and pieces helping to spread a fair interpretation of the world as seen through Russia’s eyes. For her tireless efforts she lives in one wing of her parent’s gated mansion west of Moscow.



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