Truthguide: How to seek the TRUTH!

By Jerry B. Hugins

As we all know, the truth is under protection, and if you don’t know how to seek the truth and uncover it, you will always be just puppet.

How can you be more than just puppet, and not be doomed? Follow our guide to TRUTHSEEKING!

Step 1: A big thing happened in the news. What do you do? 

Skim the headlines and catch a few snippets of the news reports. Remember, this is the mainstream Western media so they’re just reading from a script and lying anyway. All you need to know are the basics. There was a bomb. Some people got shot. Whatever. Details aren’t important.

What is important is that whatever they say happened is known as “the official story,” and the official story is guaranteed to be bullshit. So if the media lie is that terrorists shot some innocent people somewhere, then the truth must be something far more sinister. In all likelihood it is a false flag carried out by the NWO (New World Order) government, but now that you’ve made that determination, you must figure out who exactly to blame.

Step 2: Ask yourself: “Who benefits?” 

Shills will tell you that terrorist groups benefit from terrorist attacks by sapping morale in the countries they are opposing, demonstrating that they can impose costs on governments who do not comply with their demands. This of course is nonsense because terrorists don’t actually exist. They were invented by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in the late 70’s. There has never been a real terrorist attack since the American Civil War, when the Masonic Lincoln regime invaded its own country to drown the Second American Revolution in its own blood. The only exception to this is when a terrorist attack happens in Russia, in which case it is not a false flag, but it is still carried out by CIA-trained phony “terrorists.”

In reality, NWO shadow governments benefit from “terrorism” by using it as an excuse to invade countries, tighten security, take our guns, and put us into FEMA concentration camps. 9/11 is a perfect example of this.

So remember, always ask “Quo Bono,” or, if you’re not a follower of the dictatorial Papal cult and Whore of Babylon known as the Roman KKKatholic Church, you can speak ENGLISH and ask “Who benefits?” The answer to that question will always be whatever organization or faction you’re sure is at the top of the NWO hierarchy. Asking who benefits will usually produce a long list of various parties and organizations, but you can discount all those you’re not interested in.

Step 3: Do your own research.

Fire up Google and get cracking on your own research. What you’ll need to do is hit archives, online libraries, and reliable sources of news. Naturally means Infowars, Prison Planet, Youtube, RT, RIYF, and Natural News. These will help you find out what’s really going on.

Step 4: Start looking for holes in the official story.

Remember how the NWO shadow government told us that 19 Arab hijackers did 9/11? Yeah, and remember how we all know that Arabs live in poor desert countries? How can it be that people whose main modes of transport consist of either camels or beat up Datsuns could manage to fly commercial airliners? And what is more, they were supposed to be Muslims, yet there are reports that they had girlfriends and frequented strip clubs. Islam is a really strict religion, and the thought of someone being very religious and violating the rules of that religion is simply laughable. Or at least you’d know this if you’d done your own research.

Another trick you can use to find holes in the official story is looking at the media coverage of the event. If it’s all consistent, this is because the media were all reading from a government-provided script. If there’s some inconsistency, it means they were definitely reading from a script, and someone flubbed their lines.

Step 5: Ask questions. When you get answers, keep asking questions.

Remember that when you openly accuse your government of murdering its own citizens en masse and lying about it, you’re not actually making an accusation that is saddled with the burden of proof and must be substantiated with evidence. What you’re actually doing is “just asking questions.” Yes, even if you’re making statements that end with periods, those are still just questions that you are asking. For example:

You: Bush demolished the twin towers using explosives planted in the buildings! He is a murderer and he got away with it! Investigate 9/11!

NWO shill: If they used explosives in the buildings, why can’t we hear any explosions in the footage of the towers’ collapse with audio? Explosives are very loud.


Another aspect of this is that sometimes you’ll ask questions and then the shills give you answers. For example:

You: They said that the towers collapsed because the jet fuel fire melted the steel beams. BUT JET FUEL CAN’T MELT STEEL BEAMS!

NWO shill: Nobody ever said the towers collapsed because jet fuel melted the beams. They said (NWO BULLSHIT PAY NO ATTENTION)

At this point you can easily dodge this problem by asking more questions about other things. For example, our intrepid truthseeker could start asking about World Trade Centre building 7 and why it collapsed. Once you ask enough questions, you can usually come around to the original point and start asking those questions again. The shills should get tired and move on.

Step 6: Know your enemies, but also know your friends

Oftentimes when you’re in a forum or debating in our comments section, you’ll find that other truthseekers have slightly different interpretations of false flag events or who is behind them. For example, you might say that the terrorist attacks in Russia (which cannot possibly be false flags as the Russian government is incapable of carrying out something like that) are being carried out by real jihadi terrorists who were trained by the CIA decades ago. But there’s another guy saying that there are no real jihadis, and that the attacks were carried out by CIA black ops teams. Or you say that the Masons control the NWO, but he says it’s the Jewish international banksters. What do you do?

The important thing is never argue with other truthseekers, even if their truth contradicts your own research. There’s only one wrong answer and that’s called the official story.

Step 7: Wake people up

Don’t just sit on the truth once you find it. Tell the world. Wake people up. Shoehorn your truth narrative into every possible conversation in every medium of communication you can possibly find. Other people will be grateful that you’re trying to show them the truth. The only people who resist are either sheeple or shills for the NWO.

There is no need to actually go outside and engage in politics. The system is rigged anyway. Your ass is needed in that computer chair so you can carry on the long process of waking people up. Eventually enough people will wake up, and then something will happen. Bet on it.

Step 8: Accessorize 

Only amateur truthseekers focus on one hidden truth. Check comments sections and your social media news feed for the latest hidden truth about what’s really happening in the world. Chemtrails and vaccines are in vogue now. You don’t want to look like you’re out of the loop, otherwise people will think you’re a sheep. Don’t worry too much about who is promoting the truth or who they say is behind the conspiracy; you can always work it into your own truth narrative.

Get out there!

With these simple steps, you’ll be seeking truth and finding it wherever you look in no time. Now get out there and WAKE PEOPLE UP!

Jerry B. Huggins lives in Coeur D’Arlene, Idaho and teaches regular online seminars at Jefferson Davis Christian Online University in Austrian economics, secret societies, and coded Bible prophesy. He has self-published numerous books on a wide variety of topics which are available at gun shows across the nation. His latest is The United Soviet States of America: How Russia became Christian while America descends into Socialist Sodom.

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