Putin declares 90s Russia a new ‘Golden Age’ after West criticises it

Russian President Vladimir Putin has struck back at western information warriors by declaring the 1990s in Russia a ‘new Golden Age’.

Recent mainstream media reports in the West have raised the Kremlin’s ire after referring to ‘problems’, such as ‘corruption’ and a ‘poor standards of living’ for Russians in the 90s.

Opening the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre in Yekaterinburg in central Russia recently Putin said, “Boris Nikolayevich (Yeltsin) wanted our country to be strong, flourishing, happy.”

Previously Putin and those around him had criticised Yeltsin’s period as President in the 1990s as a time of chaos, crime and corruption, a time when they entirely coincidentally made their sudden fortunes.

But now, with some western media agreeing that the 1990s were a difficult time for Russia, the Kremlin has hit back.

“The 1990s were marvellous. There was no crime. All was run perfectly and Russia grew strong and was respected,” said Alexei Protivopolozhnik, head of the Moscow based state funded spontaneous grass roots social movement- “Whatever the West says, we say the opposite”. Protivopolozhnik has become an increasingly influential figure in the back passages of Russia’s parliament.


Protivopolozhnik and other Kremlin policy mandarins plan to roll out a definitive account of how the 90s were a sophisticated false flag operation by the KGB/FSB designed to lure the West into a false sense of security after the pretend collapse of Moscow’s power.

“Really what was going on was that inside Russia people were very happy. Life was good and calm. You could leave your front door wide open because not a single thief existed, nothing would get stolen,” said Veronica Lambasturkin, one of Protivopolozhnik’s secretaries and a former/current FSB colonel.

“It is clear from this testimony that the Western narrative of the 1990s in Russia is a lie, that actually it was indeed a Golden Age unparalleled in joy and plenty and that Russians and foreigners alike should be more careful in future about watching the television because vicious lies could come through it from any channel, even those that seem to be on the side of the Russian government,” bellowed Protivopolzhnik before having to go for a rest.

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