Truthguide: Geopolitics and Eurasianism

by Mike Przezwalski

Greetings, fellow fighters against globalization! I am another refugee from the Degenrate States of America who found sanctuary in the Third Rome, my ancestral homeland, Russia. And before anybody points out my Polish surname let me just remind you that until 1918 Poland was a part of the Russian Empire, ergo my ancestors come from the Russian Empire, ergo I am Russian, so you State Department-paid neocon trolls can shove it!

Now that I’ve cleared that up, I’m here to explain to you the concept of geopolitics. Geopolitics as an ideology actually dates back to the Victorian Era; a better, wiser time characterized by garroting, child labor, women spontaneously combusting due to celluloid accessories, and of course – cholera.

The basic concept of geopolitics is that countries only have self-interests, not values. So to the ignorant, unschooled observer it might seem like Degenerate America and the Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have different values, but in fact they don’t. Both are concerned only about their geopolitical interests.

Over time, geopolitics was picked up and refined by the brilliant sociologist and intellectual, Alexander Dugin. Since the glorious rise of Dear Leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, geopolitics in various forms has become the guiding ideology behind Russian foreign policy and internal politics, and what a difference it has made!

Geopolitics: Foreign policy

How can you better understand geopolitics? Start with the understanding that Russia is a superpower, and its main rival is the United Degenerate States of Sodom and its alliance with Not-so-Great Britain and the Zionist terrorist state of Israel. Russia’s allies are Bashar Assad in Syria, Iran, North Korea, most of the Eurasian Union (we don’t quite trust Belarus), and the BRICS alliance. Russia is the “R” in BRICS, with the remaining countries being Brazil, India, China, and South Africa. BRICS is the most promising of all these alliances, and Russia is its leader. Russia’s goal is to create a multipolar world, as opposed to the Anglo-American-Judeo unipolar world.

China and India protect Russia’s southern flank, allowing Russia to build more tank factories in the Urals and Siberia without fear of losing them. Brazil acts as a direct threat to the US in its own hemisphere, forcing the Americans to keep more tanks at home in case of a South American offensive against the US. Russia is also backing separatist insurgents in Texas, so they’ll have to build even more tanks in order to secure that area once the Texas partisans rise up.

Russia controls Iran, which provides oil for fueling tanks. Russia also has a lot of oil and metal, both of which are good for building more tanks and rockets. The US attempted to pry Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit so it could start building tank factories there. Russia moved to stop them (without invading Ukraine!) to keep them from building so many tanks so close to Russia’s borders.

According to geopolitical theory, Russia must construct an empire from Vladivostok to Lisbon. The point of this empire is to maximize revenue and resource points, as well as victory points. See, with Russia dominating a Eurasian empire across the Eastern hemisphere, the Anglo-American-Zionists will be confined to their smaller sphere of influence. They will never be able to get any more victory points in Europe or Central Asia, and thus they will receive a much lower geopolitical score. They will also never be able to keep up with the amount of tanks the Russian Eurasian Empire will be able to produce. The glory of a multipolar world will be unlocked!

Some people might find it absurd that Western European countries would willingly submit to the control of a Moscow-based empire. Some would call this imperialism. Those who say so have clearly never read Dugin’s theories. Eurasianist geopolitics is an imperial theory, not imperialist theory. There’s a big difference. Take my word for it.

Others might point out the vast disparity between Russia and Western European states in terms of living standards and infrastructure when objecting to the idea of a Eurasian empire. Indeed, Russia might seem in many ways far behind those degenerate Gayropean countries, but this is only because Russia is not currently a Eurasian empire. Right now Russia is only a rising superpower, so it is still plagued by the US-backed Fifth and Sixth columns that sabotage the economy and infrastructure. If the Gayropeans could just put down their dildos and listen for just one second, they would see that all they have to do is put their faith in Russia, cede to her their national sovereignty, and soon a new order would descend over Europe, ushering in a new Golden Age!

Geopolitics: Domestic policy

First and foremost, there are some who accuse us of being fascists. This is a dirty lie. Just because we use fascist-like symbols, reject liberalism and Marxism, reject the concept of democracy, create a cult around leaders and the military, claim to stand for traditional values, preach religion over science, demand that the working class subordinate its interests to those of the nation, and actively support the conquest of other nations, doesn’t mean that we are fascists. If we were fascists, we’d call ourselves fascists. We don’t, ergo we are not.

Politics-wise, we reject liberal democracy in favor of sovereign democracy. This is because true Russian patriots understand that the Russian people are incapable of handling liberal democracy, even though we all know that the choice and participation offered by liberal democracy is utterly meaningless. Our motto is better safe than sorry, in this case. We wholeheartedly support Vladimir Putin, savior of Russia, without which there could be no Russia. That being said, we are not Putin-sycophants. We do have many criticisms of his regime. We are somewhat upset that he did not invade and annex the Donbass from that phony country that doesn’t exist. We could have made a lot of tanks with those resources. We also don’t like the fact that Putin hasn’t instituted full censorship to all media, but we applaud his efforts thus far and apologize to him for our inability to understand his wise ways.

In other realms of domestic policy, some people might wonder what life would be like for other nationalities living under Russian rule. Would there be discrimination? Of course not. There’s no need to worry so long as all nationalities inside Russia and the new, expanded empire realize that Russians are the top of the natural hierarchy, and as such are the nation’s foundation. Minorities will be permitted to speak their national languages so long as it does not disturb Russians. They may publish their own works of history as long as they are not extremist, anti-Russian propaganda. There is literally no way this could possibly lead to discrimination.

In the Eurasian Empire, traitorous scum nations like non-existent Ukraine and the Baltic states will live in peace under the wise tutelage of Moscow. No more will they whore themselves out to the West. We are firm, but forgiving. Degenerate Gayropean nations like Germany and France will be rectified, taught to revive their Christian traditions and provided with educational material reminding them of how Russia conquered their territory in the past.

Men will be required to serve a minimum of four years in the Imperial Army. Not all men of course. I would unfortunately be denied the privilege of serving in the army because I am, sadly, American. That, and I’m needed here at RIYF to wage information counter-war against the West. Russian-born men, however, will have the privilege of serving, while Russian women will be forbidden from working outside the home. Their job is to produce the soldiers of tomorrow. It’s clear why this imperial army will inevitably be greeted with flowers when it marches through degenerate Gayropa on its historic mission of liberation.

Geopolitics and Eurasianism are not sectarian. We believe in reaching out to the right and left in enemy nations, but we mostly prefer the right. If you have to talk to degenerate, sodomite-loving leftists, make sure you use the right terminology. Speak of “bio-diversity” and “indigenous rights” when referring to racial or ethnic separation. Talk about “traditional culture” when advocating religious involvement in the state. And of course, use terms like “international bankers” and “Zionists” instead of…you know who. The important thing isn’t belief, it’s practical results. If at the end of the day if you’re sharing links from RT, Sputnik, or this fine publication, you’ve struck a blow against globalisation and sodomy, and for the Eurasian empire and a multipolar world.

Mike Przezwalski’s distant ancestors were most likely from the Russian Empire, ergo he is Russian. He studied international affairs and is totally, 100%, heterosexual. You can take that to the bank. Follow him on Twitter, or write something criticizing Putin and he’ll be sure to follow you. Forever. 

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