Russian rapper Timati releases new hit single about Putin

MOSCOW- Russia’s most famous and totally original rapper Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati, recently released his latest single about Russian president Vladimir Putin, entitled “I Want Putin.” Released on the heels of his previous song about the Russian president, entitled “Best Friend,” Timati’s latest single takes the theme of the rapper’s relationship with Putin a bit further.

Timati’s latest song features “stronger” lyrics, which the rapper claims are aimed at showing just how much he cares about his president. The lyrics have been called controversial by some music critics, a charge which Timati denies.

“Look, yo, dawg, these people just don’t git it,” Timati told RIYF’s correspondent. “They’re sayin’ my new song is homoerotic. That’s whack, yo! I’m married to a woman, yo! She’s got a vagina and everything! I like girls, mazafaka! Word! Thug life!”

Timati agreed to go over some of the controversial lyrics and explain them for his fans.

“Okay, yo, mazafaka, right here where I say ‘When Obama attacks I wanna hide you see, That’s why I want Putin deep inside of me,’ that’s not about gay sex, yo. That just means I want to be hard like Vladimir Putin so I won’t be afraid. I want hard Putin inside of me.”

Timati also says that some fans might be taking esoteric, metaphorical lyrics literally.

“See, yo, when I spit the lines ‘I want to feel Putin’s manhood in my hands,’ I’m not talking about the euphemism for penis. That’s whack, yo! I mean I want to feel like I have strength in my hands. You know, manly strength. Manhood.”

Timati had another totally plausible explanation for the line which attracted the most criticism from fans and detractors alike.

“Yeah, I get it. When I say ‘I want Putin to make sweet love to me in a banya made for two,” again that’s not literal, okay? I wrote that line from the perspective of a woman, like if I were a woman I’d want Putin to like, totally dominate me. Take me and never let me go, know wha’ I’m sayin’, B?”

So far Timati’s latest single is being played by radio stations across Russia, as well as on TV channels like MTV Russia and MuzTV. Russian LDPR party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has called for the song to be the mandatory performance in all school dances.


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