Heroic Moscow police foil CIA-backed color revolution

MOSCOW- A plot to spark a revolution and topple Russia’s government was foiled on Saturday thanks to the quick, professional action of law enforcement officials.

A group of about 75 heavily insulated revolutionaries, paid for by the US State Department and trained by the CIA, gathered on Moscow’s Pushkin square, less than two kilometers from the Kremlin. The militants claimed to be celebrating an American-made holiday known as Constitution Day, which is connected with the belief that Russia has a legally-binding constitution.

Police forces easily outnumbered the revolutionary cell, which might have easily swollen to a mob of tens of thousands of people if left unchecked. Formations of internal police in camouflage uniforms patrolled up and down nearby Strastnoy boulevard in order to catch any stragglers who might try to break through to the original instigators on the square.

At one point, a group of about 30 US-backed revolutionaries marched away and into a public park. Fearing a possible diversion, police forces gave pursuit.

“We correctly surmised that the fifth columnists were attempting to outflank our cordon and get to the Kremlin via another route,” said OMON riot police captain Vitaliy Alexeev.

The maneuver was handily defeated by the rapid response of Alexeev’s men, who escorted the march and arrested several of its members.

“The danger to Russia is ever-present,” said Alexeev. “But whether it’s performance artists, elderly protesters, teenagers, or people standing around pretending to hold non-existent placards, we are always on the job and our vigilance is unbreakable.”

Saturday’s attempted putsch might have been a close call, but for the time being it looks like the planners at the US embassy will have to go back to the drawing board.


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