Russian deputy PM Rogozin survives gay-ISIS assassination attempt


MOSCOW- Russia’s deputy Prime Minister has survived an assassination attempt at the hands of a CIA-backed gay ISIS death squad. The shooting was an apparent false flag operation to both push home tighter gun regulations in America while snuffing out a potential Putin successor.

On Tuesday, a source told Interfax news agency that after shooting a pistol perfect 400 out of 400 while blinded-folded at a firing range outside of Moscow, Dmitry Rogozin came under heavy fire from a crack squad of gay, ISIS assassins.

Crying out “Allahu Akbar!” with a distinct lisp, between 6 and 27 attackers pulled out US-supplied M16A4 rifles and released a fusillade of bullets. Rogozin, miraculously, was only stuck in the foot with one 9mm slug during the attack.

His office, however, refuted reports Rogozin, 52, was attacked by 6 to 27 assailants with assault rifles.

“At least 47 flaming jihadist attackers, armed with RPGs and other heavy artillery, launched a coordinated attack on the deputy prime minster while he was engaged in a sporting competition”, his spokesman Nikita Anisimov said.

“It is a believed at least 6 F-22 Raptors provided air support during the attack. Four of those flying s***cans crashed in the process,” Anisimov said.

‘He is in the office now, he held a meeting earlier… He feels well and will not be persuaded in taking on Washington and their gay ISIS proxies,” the spokesman added.

Earlier this year, Rogozin infuriated Washington’s homosexual-jihadist proxies by saying that Russia did not threaten the US, but rather “the US would collapse under pressure from gays and ISIS.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.17.40 AM
He also said that bearded transvestite Conchita Wurst symbolized not only Europe’s degeneration, but was evidence of a secret US program intended on creating the next generation of Gayropian ISIS super soldiers.

Rogozin, who is also the deputy head of Russia’s Military-Industrial Commission and a special envoy for the Russian president, has also been known to affiliate with members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

In his most recent English-language tweet, he was pictured with members of the patriotic gun enthusiasts, likely setting off red flags in Washington, which is equally opposed to both Russia and the second amendment.

“National Rifle Association got to know the plans of organizing World Rifle Championship in Russia in 2017,” Rogozin wrote, referring to an International Practical Shooting Confederation event to take place in the Russian capital.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.46.11 PM

According to acclaimed US investigative journalist Alex Jones, Washington’s gay ISIS plot to assassinate  Rogozin was part of an alleged false flag operation to introduce stricter gun regulations in America while wiping out a potential Putin successor.  

“First Sandy Hook, then San Bernardino and now Rogozin? Is there nothing the elite won’t due to strip Americans of their guns so they can pack them into asbestos-lined FEMA trailers,” Jones told RIYF.

“They tried to kill me too, they did, didn’t you see it??? I have all of the documents! The Democratic Party is an Illuminati Nazi cult dead set on round up and murdering gun owners. Rogozin is only the beginning!” “They’ve got their sites set on Trump. It’s only a matter of time before they go after Putin!

Open your eyes sheeple!”

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