Putinian Calendar: Goodbye 2015! Hello 16 AP!

From the whole staff at Russia in Your Face!!!, including Sean whose whereabouts are still unknown at this time, we wish you a happy new year as we usher in a new era with the Putinian Calendar, beginning with the year 16 AP, Anno Putini or “Year of Putin.”

Our precious and wise leader, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, has shown us that the West holds nothing positive for Russia or mankind as a whole. And this being the case, how can we possibly stand against the tide of Western degeneracy while we still use their system of reckoning?

That is why we here at RIYF have decided to take the initiative and develop the Putinian Calendar. Conveniently, the Era of Putin actually began in the year 2000 DWC (Degenerate Western Calendar), or year zero AP. Of course since the calendar goes into effect in 2016, the year 16 AP is truly our “Year Zero.”

Let us celebrate Russia’s Year Zero by singing praise for the great leader of the world’s oppressed people’s against Anglo-American-Atlanticist hegemony, and let us also preserve our new revolution by rooting out and eliminating the one thing that holds Russia and its Great Leader back- memory sickness.

What is memory sickness? Memory sickness is an insidious social ill. It is defined as thinking too much about the time before Putin’s revolution, when Putin raised Holy Mother Russia from her knees by reuniting her with her long lost child and favorite son, the Crimea.

Those who spread memory sickness are both clever and sinister. They are to be found among the intelligentsia and the so-called “creative class.” In order that they may be either corrected or cleansed from our revolutionary society, we beg the Great Leader to hear our cries for succor and to round up these traitorous elements. Send them out of the cities and into the hinterland to be reeducated and to grow precious buckwheat, which will flow into the houses of those who deserve it! Those who have demonstrated their unswerving loyalty to Mother Russia and its divinely chosen Great Leader shall never want for buckwheat again!

Hail to the dawning of a new era! Hail to the Great Leader, he whose name we cannot pronounce but with profound reverence! We are your eternal soldiers! For you we would march through the gates of Hell itself without hesitation! 10,000 years to the Great Leader! Death to the degenerate West!

Happy New Year everybody!

Written by Mike Przezwalski, whose grandparents were most likely from the Russian part of Poland prior to its independence in 1918 ergo he is Russian, with the help of the rest of the Russia in Your Face!!! staff, minus Sean Fitzgerald, who is still presumed missing and possibly deceased. Sean, whatever the case, we miss you, buddy! 





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