Shame! Shame! Russian activists bravely attack naked sex workers in celebration of traditional values

Human rights activist and neo-pagan supporter of the rights of marginalized groups (if they happen to be white men) Viacheslav Datsik lead a gaggle of nude prostitutes (of the non-western media variety) to a police station in a poignant procession of traditional values through Russia’s cultural capital, St. Petersburg.

Datsik and a cohort of god(s)-fearing men busted their way into a bordello under the cover of night earlier this week, where they rounded up nearly a dozen young women in what was obviously a fair fight.

Explaining that “I’m a big fan of that Cersei walk of shame in Game of Thrones – after Russia takes over the decaying West, we’ll kill Lena Headey last,” Datsik forced the prostitutes to strip nude and led them through the streets to a police station, where he filed a report accusing them of offending religious feelings by plying their trade in Russia, a country that has renounced decadent sexual practices (unless you’re a high-class courtesan servicing important men in government).

Datsik, a former kickboxer and mixed martial artist who raped hundreds of men in prison in order to explain the dangers of of non-traditional sexual relationships, said that Russian women should only have sex with permission from their husband, boyfriend, father, or a high-up government official capable of setting them up in a nice apartment after they star in a pin-up calendar in said official’s honor.

He likewise noted that going after the pimps and mafia crews actually running the prostitution racket makes no sense because “nobody wants to see *those* people naked.”

Datsik added that one must first straighten out the neck, “even choke the life out of it if necessary,” before you can put the head on straight.

A reporter from Soros-the-Sodomite funded wire service Agence France Presse then asked Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov if the government’s campaign for traditional values had led to an atmosphere of permissiveness where sexual minorities and other at-risk groups were increasingly the target of state-condoned  violence.

“Shut your whore mouth,” Peskov responded.

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